Today morning when I woke up, I was completely confused about my next action. I felt like I was having, nothing unique, nothing worthy to do. But then, I took out my notepad and started to write a story which was a rejuvenating factor for me. I was always fond of writing about something, but ‘what should I write’ was the biggest dilemma I used to face. Then, I thought that I must read a French article as learning a foreign language has always been my passion.

Later, I came to know that it wasn’t going to be an easy task to learn the language. My teachers always asked to read more and more. The more we read, the more we enrich our vocabulary and the more will we be able to get a command over the language.

Now I was again into the dilemma of what to do. When we do not have a job or anything else that we must do regularly, what happens is the result of depression. But, I never wanted myself to overthink or take a step that will not only devastate my future but also make it worthless. Hence, I decided to write on WordPress. Now, I want to start writing a book with short stories but I need ideas, I need some plot that will make me want to move on to complete story. I am fond of writing and I want to write as much as I can and also want to read as much as possible. I am also a big fan of economic theories. I know its bit unusual to hear someone’s fondness for economic theories, but I love to know about the technicalities of life and the surroundings.


This is my mind! If you like or felt it usual please feel free to give me suggestions.


A thought in the rain

The rain seems to fall with quite a thought, and it’s makes me want to be thoughtless but I can’t stop thinking. A robust thought of my buzzard relationship with this rain. I love the wind more than its successor. It undoubtedly brings joy to farmers and all the ones in need of peace but it also has a masquerade party within itself. Like anyone’s life, it’s strange. The clouds seems to be yellow in the dark but it’s grey or bluish, got no real idea. It seems like an incessant brainstorm in this monsoon. ┬áThe most beautiful part of rain is true smell of water in the air. Like the direction of the droplets from right above us, is the part of nature. My brother walking on the balcony surface trying to figure out his elder sisters thoughts and actions. It’s 11:28pm in India, and the weather seems to be just fine to have a long drive but these little thought and hindrances of life limits us from the possible enjoyments we can probably do. Its always a beautiful day and night, what makes it worth is the efforts with a perfect ending to call it a day. The rain has begun to form its end and the mosquitoes have begun to bite like the blood suckers. Its uncanny to see the day workers at night to enjoy the beautiful night rain but its even uncanny to view a man with umbrella in the dark under a raining sky pointing a torch at you and blowing a whistle like a man of night work. The sky has begun its process of clearance in the most healthy fashion in a moderate climate state.